As we grow older, most Generation Xers and Baby Boomers begin contemplating their final plans. In doing so, we are forced to confront many myths concerning estate planning. To be clear, estate planning is not just for the rich and it is also not expensive.

A popular misconception that many people have about estate planning is that you have to “have a lot” in order for estate planning to be worthwhile.

The truth is, estate planning is not just about property and money being reassigned after a death; but it’s also about important decisions that are made during a person’s life.

What if someone you love gets sick and doesn’t have the mental capacity or wherewithal to make decisions about his/her medical treatment? 

What if your adult child needs someone to make emergency medical decisions for him/her while they’re in college?

What if someone in your family becomes incapacitated and they need someone they trust to run their business, to manage their bank accounts, or to manage their property (e.g. home, car, etc.)?

The purpose of estate planning is to prepare you for these scenarios and help you and your loved ones make sound decisions.

If you do not have legal devices and documents in place for you or your family that give you peace about the “what if’s,” then call our office today.