When millions of dollars are on the line, or there are legal issues in dispute without legal precedent to guide the litigation, we want to be the first call you make.

Complex litigation, particularly complex commercial litigation, requires the attorneys involved to have a unique set of skills. Skills which include the ability to:

  • Conduct in-depth research that can reveal hidden answers to challenging questions;
  • Write persuasive and creative legal arguments, motions, and briefs that are based on high-level interpretations of the law;
  • Minimize the costs of litigation by enhancing trial/procedural efficiencies;
  • Provide a consistent level of litigation support over the lifetime of the case and retention;
  • Produce a sophisticated and astute examination of the law (as well as a basis for the creation of new laws).

These skill sets are what we pride ourselves on. We thrive in complex litigation because these matters present a challenge and allow us the opportunity to do what we do best: fix and create.

These skills have certainly come in handy over the nearly two decades of Hataway-Coné’s practice. Over the years, clients, law firms, and businesses have turned to Hataway-Coné in times of need and doubt and Hataway-Coné has delivered.

She had the privilege of working on complex commercial litigation cases like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill matter.

The oil spill litigation presented Hataway-Coné with a challenge like no other. Separate and apart from the vast impact the litigation had on coastal states and economies, the Deepwater Horizon litigation presented Hataway-Coné with a unique opportunity to work on the largest civil litigation in American history and to create new law. It also presented Hataway-Coné the opportunity of a lifetime–to become admitted to the United States Supreme Court and to work on and file briefing before our Nation’s highest court.

That Hataway-Coné was one of perhaps a mere dozen women working on the litigation also allowed her to further develop her reputation as a litigator and appellate specialist.

But Hataway-Coné’s experience is not limited to once in a lifetime environmental disasters; she enjoys working on litigation matters large and small.

Hataway-Coné has worked alongside some of the brightest litigators in America, including Gloria Allred among other notable attorneys. From non-compete litigation or insurance coverage disputes to bankruptcy appeals, Hataway-Coné looks at each new matter as an opportunity–the chance to help solve a problem and the chance to make a difference.