Whether we are being hired to draft a brief, or are needed for litigation support, we enjoy every phase of appellate litigation.

If you have a case that you are appealing, and your goal is to cut unnecessary costs and to have an immaculately written brief then we want to be an extension of your team.

Appealing a case can be expensive and time consuming, especially if the wrong approach is taken.

Which is why we love appellate law so much.

Our deep understanding of legal research, persuasive legal writing and litigation labor and technicalities allow us to masterfully approach appellate litigation.

Experience matters, especially on appeal. For nearly twenty years, Misty Hataway-Coné has provided in-depth counsel and skilled advocacy when the stakes of litigation are high. From pre-litigation case assessment through appellate representation in the highest state and federal courts nationwide, she brings a wide range and depth of experience to serve Coné PLLC’s clients’ litigation needs.

Coné PLLC’s appellate services are provided in a cost-effective and collaborative manner—not duplicative—of the efforts of trial lawyers. Alternative fee arrangements such as flat fees and mixed fees may be available.

Coné PLLC attorneys have briefed and argued cases in appellate courts across the country, including the U.S. Supreme Court, the Fifth Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, the Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston intermediate courts of appeals, and the Texas Supreme Court.

In addition to briefing and arguing appellate cases, our appellate practitioners add value at every phase of litigation including:

Early Case Assessment and Planning

Pre-suit analysis of potential claims and defenses
Strategic planning regarding legal theories, parties, and forum selection
In-depth analysis of contracts, insurance policies, and indemnity agreements.

Dispositive Motions

Dedicated counsel for law-intensive issues such as jurisdictional concerns, venue challenges, and choice-of-law disputes
Motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment.

Pre-Trial Intervention

Trial-court counsel for complex discovery disputes, evidentiary matters, and expert issues
Interlocutory appeals and mandamus proceedings when immediate relief from a higher court is necessary
Experienced Trial Counsel.

Skillful guidance, evidentiary issues, and trial procedure

Trial briefing on complex legal issues
Drafting and arguing motions to strike counter-affidavits, motions in limine, the jury charge, and jury verdict forms
Motions for directed verdict and motions for judgment as a matter of law and other Post-Trial Motions.

Preservation of trial court victories or development of issues for appeal

Notwithstanding the verdict, motions for new trial, and motions for judgment as a matter of law
Superseding adverse judgments and staying execution of judgments during appeal
Appeals and Mandamus Proceedings.