At Coné PLLC, our focus is on our clients–we are client driven and we treat our clients how we want to be treated. This is our core principle and it is interwoven into the fabric of our office culture.

My Father raised me by one simple rule–the Golden Rule we all likely learned as children–treat people the way you want to be treated. Every lawyer in our office donates twenty hours per month to community service initiatives and is committed to staying abreast of current issues that affect our lives, our communities, and thus our clients.

We genuinely love our clients and the communities we serve both professionally and personally.

When you become our client, we create an equal partnership. We don’t just see the facts of your case; we see your story; your hopes and dreams; and your sacrifices. We see you as family and we work tirelessly for you.

We want what you want and we will fight for exactly that.

As a client of Coné PLLC, you are the driver, the decision-maker in the litigation, and we are honored to come along for the ride. We guide you. We advise you. We steer you through the inclines and terrains that lie ahead, but ultimately, you make the decision as to how we proceed. We make sure that you know what’s to the left and right at every turn-point because your desired outcome is a priority for us.