Autumn Humphreys knows how a lawyer can absolutely change the trajectory of one’s life. One lawyer changed hers. Autumn grew up in foster care where only three percent of foster children are ever able to attend college.

Because of one small act of kindness from Autumn’s guardian ad litem who forever changed the trajectory of her life. Thanks to her guardian ad litem, Autumn was able to graduate early from high school, gain employment, and begin college before ever aging out of the system. Against all odds, Autumn achieved and obtained her college degree because one attorney advocated for her future.

At the University of Texas at Dallas Autumn found happiness in serving her community. While pursuing her bachelor’s degree, Autumn served two full terms in AmeriCorps Vista where she worked as the after-school program director for Family Gateway, a family homeless shelter. Autumn also organized a school supply drive for the children in Darfur and held seminars discussing the genocide in Darfur.  In 2008, Autumn was recognized for her commitment to community service and received multiple awards for her student leadership.

In 2016 Autumn started law school as a single mother of a toddler which presented a unique set of challenges. Nonetheless, Autumn’s determination and drive to succeed pushed her to continue on her path of excellence.

Autumn’s commitment to service continued through law school where she spearheaded multiple community service projects including “Help the Homeless” which was the largest student-ran community service project in the history of Thurgood Marshall School of Law. “The Help the Homeless” project delivered over five-hundred rotisserie chickens and over five-hundred hygiene care packs to homeless camps around Houston.

 Throughout law school Autumn received numerous awards, multiple scholarships, and recognition for earning the highest grade in several of her law school courses.

She served as Chief Justice of the Board of Advocates and held leadership positions with other law school organizations. Additionally, Autumn competed in multiple competitions and won first place in the client counseling competition. Ultimately, Autumn completed law school in the top of her class and graduated magna cum laude.

Subsequent to completing law school, Autumn continued her legal studies and obtained her Masters of Law in Energy, Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Houston Law Center. Autumn completed her advanced legal studies while working as an attorney at a boutique civil litigation firm in Houston.

While Autumn is indisputably committed to academic and professional excellence and her commitment to serving the community continues today, her greatest accomplishment and source of pride is raising her son Avery.